dbasetypes represent the database types Live API Creator supports. This is a fixed list: it can change from version to version, but do not change the list. You will normally use this resource only to look up the ident of a database type.


 Name Type Required Description
 ident integer Y The unique identifier for this object
 ts timestamp Y The date and time when this object was created or last modified
 name string(30) Y The name for this database type, e.g. Oracle, MySQL, etc...
 description string(100) N 
 version_name string(100) Y The version(s) supported by this database type, e.g. "All versions" or "Versions 9.0 and above"
 driver_class_name_list string(1000) Y One or more JDBC driver class name, e.g. "org.mariadb.jdbc.Driver,com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"
 catalog_term string(15) N The term that this type of database uses for catalogs.
 schema_term string(15) N The term that this type of database uses for schemas
 url_prototype string(300) N A sample URL, preferably with the relevant parts pointed, e.g. :
 driver_help string(100) N A URL to a page explaining how the URL should be specified.