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Install and Use the Command Line Interface


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    Use the Live API Creator Command Line Interface (CLI), a Node.js command-line tool to:

    • Access CA Live API Creator REST API and logic services.
    • Call GET, POST, PUT and DELETE.
    • Read/write objects from/to file or stdin (suitable for pipe work!).
    See the npm site for more information about:
    • Installing the CLI.
    • Accessing the CLI help.
    • Logging on to the API Server.
    • Describing a specified system resource.
    • Retrieving data for a specified resource, table, or view.
    • Getting a Single REST endpoint (compressed or JSON format).
    • Inserting (POST) a JSON payload.
    • Updating (PUT) a JSON payload.
    • Deleting a REST resource.
    • Logging out of API Server.