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Package Development

Business logic can make your Package Development more agile, can reduce customization costs, and can reduce merge costs for subsequent release cycles.

Increased Agility

Business logic is 50% of your system. Live API Creator addresses over 95% of this logic, reducing it over an order of magnitude. Each rule represents a page of code. You can extend rules to automate simple examples and complex problems such as cloning an order, payment processing, or exploding a bill of materials. Such agility provides a strategic competitive advantage is delivering packages.

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Increased Transparency

Communicating what your product does is always a challenge. Logic Filtering can provide a transparent view of your systems' business processes, the Use Cases, the Requirements for each, with full traceability to the logic that implements them. Customers are more likely to buy what they can more readily understand.

Reduced Customization Costs

Classic packaged systems incur enormous costs for customization by way of code. Live API Creator provides the customization in logic classes. The logic classes can extend and override core (delivered) logic classes, and automatic dependency-based logic ordering ensures the revised logic runs in the correct order. This can represent a reduction in customization costs for consumers. Suppliers can improve margins by reducing time and material installation costs. This is a strategic competitive advantage. Package suppliers utilizing a logic-driven "applitecture" can compete not only by getting to market faster, but also by enabling their customers to extend and customize the package faster and easier.

Reduced Merge Costs

Traditional approaches often require expensive code merges when new versions of the core product is released. Live API Creator short-circuits this problem using inheritance with dependency-based ordering. Customizations, which are represented in extended Logic (sub) Classes, inherit newly supplied core product logic. Merging is not required for business logic.