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Log on to Live API Creator

Access the Live API Creator using a browser URL, which starts with a logon authentication dialog. If you have installed the Jetty package, you can log on to API Creator by clicking the following link:

Then, proceed as outlined below.

API Creator Logon Authentication Dialog

The URL and location of the API Server and depending on the configuration - it may include the root WAR name, like 
. Local Jetty installations do not need the /APIServer.

The administrator user (admin, or sa). You can add new admin accounts and assign special roles. For more information, see Add Admin Accounts.

The administrator password (initially Password1).

Welcome Screen

The Welcome screen displays when you first log on to Live API Creator. This page introduces key information and topics:
  • The videos illustrate key functionality and operations.
  • There are several resources you can visit after the Tour:
    • The Welcome Walk-through is provided as a video and as a page where you can explore links for more information.
    • The Tour, which starts automatically when you click CLOSE (upper right).
    • The Advanced B2B Sample. Complete this sample to confirm you have the key product concepts. You are ready to begin a project.
To go to the home page and start using Live API Creator, close this screen (upper right corner) by clicking Close.

For more  information about the Home page, see Home.

Live API Creator Tour

After closing the Welcome Screen, click the graduation cap on the upper right.  This will start a series of short tours that introduce key product elements.

For more information about the tour, see Tour.

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