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Install the Jetty package

The demonstration Jetty package is a self-contained, single-user version of Live API Creator. You do not need to install an app server (Jetty is included in the zip) or a DBMS (it uses Apache Derby).

The Jetty package includes sample applications. You can see a complete API with logic and security using the sample applications or you can use Northwind's sample from the New API wizard.

  • You have Java JDK installed. For more information:
java -version   (check that Java is installed and available)
javac -version     (check that the JDK is installed)
  • You have at least 100MB of free disk space.

Install Jetty

  1. Request and download the package from your CA Technologies Sales team.
  2. Un-package the file to a local directory folder. We recommend setting a folder (for example, lac) to contain your lac install and projects, as shown in the following image. You can perform Node npm installs here and they will be available for your API projects.
  3. From a command window (terminal or cmd), change directories to the location of your installation by issuing the following command:


Start the Jetty Server

Start procedures depend on your operating system.  Follow one of the procedures below.


From Terminal/Command Line, change directories to your install folder, and start the server by issuing the following command:


The following response is expected:

Screenshot of Windows command line



The following response is expected:
OSX Terminal showing startup output


Installation is now complete.  

Login and Get Started

For next steps, click 

Additional Information

Port Conflict Issues

If something on your machine is already using port 8080, an error message will appear, including:

Caused by: Address already in use
at Method)

In that case, edit the or Start.bat script and add the following parameter at the end of the Java invocation:

java -DSTOP.PORT=8123 -DSTOP.KEY=stop_caliveapicreator -jar ../start.jar --module=http jetty.port=8181

Note: If you need to do this, you may need to adjust the port in the URL when logging in.

Directory Organization