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Author Mode

  • Choose which fields to display, and in which order.
  • Group form fields.
  • Choose field display formats, such as labels.
  • Control form title, such as custom form titles.
  • Customize your data content. You can select columns, rename them, choose formatting.
  • Control appearance using style sheets.

Access Author Mode

Prerequisite: You have a developer log in using the same credentials used to access Live API Creator. For more information about admin security, see Security.

Note: You cannot access Author Mode using an app account (for example, demo). 

As an authorized user, you can access Author Mode. From the Tools menu, select Toggle Author Mode. The following image shows the option on the Tools menu:

Data Explorer in Author Mode: Example

The following image illustrates Data Explorer with a different style sheet. In Author Mode, you can modify columns, tabs, and attributes using the widgets, as shown in the red boxes:

View Results of REST API Calls

You can toggle the REST Log, Grid, Form, or Child Grid on and off. You can see how REST and sysfilters works using the REST log, which shows you the results of all the REST API calls made to the API Server connected to this session. The following image shows the toggle options:

Group Form Fields

Specify this (via the "book" icon in the upper left of the form area):

Change Database Column Type Output Format

You can change how columns are displayed, such as setting a binary column type as a hexadecimal value or a text type to a WYSIWYG editor.

  1. In Author Mode, choose the table containing the column you want to change.
  2. Next to the column name you want to change, click the gear icon.
    The Column Details window opens.
  3. Change how columns are displayed and save your changes.

Control the Columns to Display

In this example, we want control how region is displayed for Supplier:
  • hidden if UK
  • Red for City New Orleans
  • Blue otherwise
Click the gear for the Region field and specify the settings in the following image:
The settings leverage CSS syntax - use the (?) for help. This field is visible / hidden as you step between rows, or change rows. The field is visible as you enter data. For example, if you insert a new row, Region is not visible if you enter the Country as UK.

You can have more than one expression for a field:

Important! Use caution when using fixed length strings. Instead, specify expressions such as:

You can combine these, such as hiding a field for a specified condition, or turning it red otherwise.  You do this by defining multiple expressions:

Control Form Titles

By default, API Creator selects a column with a suitable name for the form title. The following image shows the default title for a Beverage:

You can use Author Mode to control this, as shown in the following image for a title for first + last name:

Control the Tab Panels

You can rearrange the tab panel using drag-n-drop, change the display name for the labels, and select the tabs to display. See the following image for more information. If there are more than five active tab panels, show more items clicking the down arrow on the last tab.

Share Links with Other Team Members

You can create and edit a URL that you can share with other team members. From the Tools menu, select Share. The link attribute names the starting table followed by the primary key (optional), for example: