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Explore Data

Database tools are great for complex SQL, but they are clumsy for exploring your data as business objects, that is, with related data. Data Explorer is a useful companion for your database tools. You can explore data, prepare use cases, and make repairs using Data Explorer.

The following video explains how to explore data using Data Explorer:

For more videos of Data Explorer in action, see the Getting Started Guide videos.

Clumsy using Database Tools

Simple and Fast with Data Explorer

Data Explorer includes:
  • Filter search
  • List/Form view
  • Master/Detail (Order and Order Details)
  • Drill-down navigation (see selected Order of Employee Fuller)
  • Automatic Joins (see Product Name, not number)
  • Formatting, such as currency 
  • Update, including Lookups (e.g., for Product)
Data Explorer is layered over API Creator so you have full security and logic.