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Create your API Project

You create your API project, including connecting to an existing SQL RDBMS, using the Create API wizard.

The following image shows how to create API projects using Live API Creator:

Verify Prerequisites

Ensure that you have completed the following prerequisites:

  • (If you are creating an API project with a defined database connection) You have defined the database setting for your active database.

    For more information about the active database, see 
    Logic Designer.
  • You have defined the security setting for the authentication provider. For more information, see Dev vs. App User.
  • You have defined your project libraries and other project attributes.

Create your API Project

  1. On the Home page, click New API. The Create API wizard opens.
    The server loads each of the database drivers to see if they are supported and available. If the server cannot load the database driver, you cannot select the specific database.
  2. Select one of the following:
    • The target SQL database, then complete the following:
      1. Enter the required connection properties required by the JDBC driver, and then complete the following:
      2. (Optional) To test  your connection to your SQL database with the URL credentials, click Test Connection. The database connection must be successful to create the new API project. API Creator reads the schema tables, views, procedures, keys, and relationships and connects the database to Live API Creator.
      3. Click Continue.
      4. Click one of the following:
        • Proceed to API Properties.
        • Proceed to API REST Lab.
    • No database, which creates an API project with no database connection defined. API projects without databases leverage base API Server for message listening, response generation, etc. For an example, you can download this JSON sample file.
A new API project is created.

Next Steps

Now that you have created your API project, customize your API project by defining REST resources. For more information, see Manage your API Project.