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Explore Allocation

The Allocation example illustrates business logic. This page shows you how to execute the rule in the REST Lab.


As a developer, you want to examine the rule execution using the log.
  1. Enable the auth token on the Manage, Auth Tokens, Logging page.
  2. Save your changes.

Issue the Request

Issue the request with a JSON request on the Execute, REST Lab, Request page. The following image shows this page:
  1. Enter the following JSON snippet into the request body:
    "customer_name": "Gloria's Garden",
    "amount": 111
  2. Select the auth token you enabled from the Auth Token drop-down.
  3. Click POST.
The transaction completes

Check the Transaction Log

Check to see how the rule is executed using the log on the Analyze, Logs page. The following image shows this page:

Generate a More Detailed Log

You can generate more detailed log information. The following image shows the Analyze, Logs page, with the Loggers section:
  1. Select debug for Business Logic Extensions in the setup (see the first image).
  2. Filter out the loggers by clearing the following checkboxes:
    Admin, Extensions, Dependencies, Security, Resources, System, User logic.
  3. Click Refresh.