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When you first use Live API Creator, you can use an instance of the familiar Northwind database. This API project sample illustrates the connect process, the resulting API, and UI that are created through Schema Discovery.  

Further, this sample includes a set of rules, resources and security settings you can explore.

The rules are depicted here, illustrating
  • the "cocktail napkin" design (lower right)
  • the logic dependencies (diagram), and 
  • the Use Cases solved by these 5 rules
Such Reactive Logic represents substantial savings, and is readable to Business Users.


Northwind has the following schema:

Predefined Rules

The API Creator tour pre-creates the following rules, so you can explore them. While you might have conceived the rules for Place Order/Check Credit, they operate on any RESTful update against the data.

You can alter an orderdetails.Quantity, and the logic will:
  1. Recompute the orderdetails.Amount, since it is dependent on the quantity.
  2. Adjust the orders.AmountTotal with a 1 row SQL update (not a select sum), since it is dependent on the amount.
  3. Adjust the customers.balance.
  4. Verify this does not exceed the credit limit (else an exception is thrown and the transaction is rolled back).
In the same manner, this logic is automatically re-used over all related transactions. This automatic change detection, propagation, SQL, and transaction management results in meaningful reductions in boilerplate code.


The following examples illustrate Data Explorer running on Northwind.


"Drill Down" to Product

If we drill down on Chai on the previous screen, we see this. The Order Details are the orders for Chai, and the system has used Predictive Joins to join in the Ship Name from the orderdetails.