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Install Northwind in your Server

Live API Creator includes a Northwind Derby database. If you are using the Jetty package, this database is pre-configured and ready for your to use. You can use this database in your own environment for training purposes. This page explains how to configure your server to have easy access to the Northwind Derby database.

The following installation procedure work only in a single-server environment. They do not work if you are using a cluster (more than one server). You cannot use a Derby database in a cluster.

  1. Copy the database file(s) to a location accessible by your server (if it's a zip file, you'll need to unzip it)
  2. To make connection easy, we recommend that you modify your server configuration to include the following Java variable:
    If your Northwind database directory is at c:\Users\jdoe\databases\Northwind,
    then define this variable as:
    If you use Apache Tomcat, this would go into the script you use to start up Tomcat (perhaps in environment variable CATALINA_OPTS, or in script
You can connect to any Derby database in that directory by specifying its directory name (Northwind in this case).