The Banking sample illustrates a Funds Transfer application, patterned after TP1 samples often used for performance testing.


This demo runs under MySQL.  To install:
  1. Unpack this zip to a suitable location
  2. Create the MySQL database using BankingDemo_mysqlv4.mssql
  3. Import the project from Banking Demo.json
  4. Fix up the project as required


Perform a funds transfer using the following steps:
  1. Logon to the LAC in a browser (http://localhost:8080) and select Banking Demo API project
  2. Start Data Explorer - insert a  Checking Transaction deposit ($100).
  3. Now you can insert a TRANSFER_FUNDS and select from acct 100 (Checking) to acct 200 (Savings) for $10 - 
  4. Examine log to see all the rules


Data Model

Funds Transfer Logic

To explore the Banking Demo:
  1. Review the topics
  2. Find the main code at Rules > TRANSFER_FUNDS > Event: move money from check to savings.  This operates in accordance with several sum / count / validation rules to verify that sufficient funds exist, no overdrafts, etc.