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A common requirement for many projects is a simple time management system.  A sample is provided that operates under Derby and MySQL.

Basic Requirements

Basic requirements include:
  1. Tasks Decomposition - to arbitrary level
  2. Release / Sprint Planning - subtotal allocated days by release and sprint to balance work
  3. Tasks Monitoring - capture weekly posting, ensure postings complete, revised estimates for in-progress tasks


Install this under the Jetty package as follows:
  1. Obtain the zip from here
  2. Copy the Tasks folder (a Derby database) into your Jetty install, parallel to the pre-installed databases
    1. Eg, into ...CALiveAPICreator-Jetty-2.1.xx.2303/CALiveAPICreator
  3. Import tasks.json
Verify operation as follows:
  1. Start the Data Explorer
  2. Select table Tasks, explore, add a sub task and observe totals...

Database Structure

Tasks is the core table: