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The following videos illustrate the basic use, objectives, and basic concepts of Live API Creator. We recommend them for new users.

This video is a business-oriented introduction to CA Live API Creator. It illustrates how to create a B2B system that:
  • Accepts orders from partners, mobile apps, or web apps.

  • Processes them plus the related User Stories to change orders.

  • Posts messages to specific suppliers' systems.

This is the Welcome Tour for CA Live API Creator.

This page summarizes the contents of the video, with links you can use to find out more about each feature:

  • Creating APIs automatically or with control over data access/SQL.
  • Integrating multiple data sources into your API.
  • Data Explorer.
  • Managing rules and security using reactive logic and server-side JavaScript.
  • Development operations.
The Quick Ref provides a useful list of basic information.

This is a walk-through of Data Explorer.

This video describes reactive logic: What it is, how to use it, and how you declare your logic as a series of spreadsheet-like expressions (rules).

To learn more:

This video describes the concepts and operation for reactive logic:
  • Definition
  • Execution: watch, react, chain
For more information about reactive logic, see Reactive Logic.

This video describes the concepts and operation for Declarative Security:
  • Admin vs App Security
  • Authentication Providers - default, custom
  • Roles - access, table permissions for row/column security
  • Globals - per/user parameterization for Row Filter
Security is described here.