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Status code: 401
Error code: 4011

What it means

This error indicates that the request did not include proper authorization. All communication with the server must be accompanied by an Auth Token, or apikey. You can provide the API key in one of two ways:
  • As an HTTP header
This is the more common method. When sending the request to the server, you include an HTTP headers named "Authorization" (an unfortunate name, since this is really about authentication, but that's standards for you) with a value of : "CALiveAPICreator <API-key>:1" (without the quotes or angle brackets)

For example, CALiveAPICreator hhh11adfasdf51324:1

"CALiveAPICreator" is case-sensitive and requires a space between it and the API key.

  • In the URL

If it's not convenient to add an HTTP header to the call (for instance, in a browser), you can also specify your API key in the URI:


For example, http://localhost:8080/rest/default/demo/v1/customer?auth=hhh11adfasdf51324:1